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What Type of Pool Do You Have?

We handle above-ground and in-ground pool cleaning in the Sarasota, FL area

Finding a professional who works with above-ground pools can be difficult. Fortunately, GVA Pool & Spa Service offers above-ground pool cleaning services and in-ground pool cleaning services.

Our company based in Sarasota, FL will:

  • Use a pool brush
  • Vacuum your pool
  • Skim the top of your pool
  • Clean and replace filters each month
We can also complete a pool inspection so you can get detailed information on the overall condition of your swimming pool. Call 941-724-6217 today for a free estimate on above-ground or in-ground pool cleaning services.

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Do you have a sand filter? If you do, backwashing it is a necessity - and you can leave it to us.

We can also balance the chemicals in your pool. We'll begin by testing the chlorine, pH, alkalinity and stabilizer labels, then add stabilizer as needed. Our company's owner has years of experience with chlorine and acid wash. For details on services like chemical balancing or pool inspection, reach out to us now.

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance